Welcome to the Wild Matildas Bush Band of AdelaideSouth Australia.

We started this line up in 1994 and have been regularly playing ever since.

All the dances are taught by our caller Jude so no previous experience necessary!

The WMBB have played at all sorts of occasions and venues including community events, birthday parties, fundraisers, schools, churches, conferences etc. around Adelaide and the country areas. Sometimes interstate.


Email wmbb@live.com.au or mobile 0407 682 618.


If you want to hear some samples of what we sound like, you can go to the Wild Matildas Channel 

We are also on Facebook 


The WMBB play in all sorts of places and events. We still have fun and really enjoy what we do.

Most of our referrals have come from previous customers which is the best advertising you could hope for.

If you are planning a bush dance event then here are a few pointers and tips we have accumulated over the last 30 years.

  • Find a big enough hall ideally with a wooden floorboard for the dancers. Concrete is tough on your ankles and there's no "spring". Most importantly the dancers can make a lot of noise! Venues with roof pillars and uneven floors make dancing hazardous.
  • We can play outside but the weather and conditions can make it very difficult - our equipment can't get wet or damp meaning unless there's cover we can't play. Wind can affect the quality of the sound. It can also get very cold! Best to have an alternative indoor venue booked in case the weather looks dodgy.
  • We need a stage at least 6 x 3 metres - so we can keep an eye on the dancers.
  • For fundraisers make sure you pre-sell your admission tickets. Many times we have seen disappointed organisers when people said they would come but didn't.
  • If there's going to be a supper make sure the food isn't out on tables until a designated "supper break" otherwise people just graze, sit down and lose interest in dancing. Have drinks continually available though - they will need them.

  • Book early. Some of our bookings are over a year in advance. Contact us via email at wmbb@live.com.au or mobile 0407 682 618.
  • The charge is slightly higher if it's more than 45 mins from the CBD. For country gigs where we need to stay overnight we ask if we can be put up somewhere basic.
  • $100 deposit is fine to secure a booking once all details are confirmed.
  • We can supply invoices beforehand if required for accounting.
  • You are welcome to check us out at any public events we promote on our Facebook page, but the majority of events are private parties.

  • Set up is 1 hour before the event starts which includes a sound check unless there is some special requirement. 
  • We will be available for 3 hours unless negotiated. eg 7.30pm to 10.30pm.
  • Unless your friends are very fit, we usually play a couple of dances then play a song so people can get a drink and rest.
  • For parties where there's speeches/cake etc the WMBB can take a break then.
  • The band brings along its own PA (sound system). All we need from you is access to a functioning (and safe) powerpoint.
  • You are welcome to use our PA sound system for speeches/announcements.
  • Pre-recorded background music can be played through our system. If you have something specific in mind please let us know, otherwise we just use our MP3 player.
  • There are no silly questions we roll our eyes at... just ask us. We're happy to help and are also very nice people :)